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We train dogs to fit your lifestyle! 

Often the most difficult dogs are the most intelligent dogs.  Quite simply, they are are bored, so they make up their own "games" which are often in conflict with their human partners’ desires. Dogs thrive when they have clear boundaries and consistent communication; often their is conflict in the canine human relationship when the boundaries are unclear. It is our job as dog trainers to help form a training plan for each individual dog that will help them to be the best dog they can be.  We can help you unleash your dog’s hidden potential  through balanced and scientifically based training methods, proper exercise, mental stimulation and consistent clear cut boundaries.  We will help turn your unruly dog into a well behaved canine companion.    

The best time to start training your dog is NOW!  We start puppies as young as ten weeks old.  The earlier we can start training and set clear cut boundaries the smoother training will go. We have programs for puppies starting at 10 weeks old.

Already have an unruly dog at home?  Any dog at any age can be trained using our proven methods that are both fair to the dog and easy for the owner to understand.     

Thinking about adding a new dog or puppy to your family? Let our experienced trainers help you take the stress out of finding the right canine companion for your family.  Whether you are interested in adopting an older shelter dog or a puppy from a breeder we can help you find the right match!  

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Services Offered:

  • Puppy Foundation

  • Aggression Management

  • Behavior Assessments

  • Behavior Modification

  • Competition Obedience Foundation

  • In-Board Training

  • Board and Train

  • Litter Evaluations for Breeders

  • Puppy/Dog Selection and Evaluation
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Video of the Month
Big or little, old or young, dog training is fun for everyone!
My Clever Canine is home to Hudson the incredible dock jumping dog!
Hudson was the former world record holder for Splash Dogs and has been featured on national television several times. He is a  multiple dock dog world invitee, winner of the 2013 and 2nd place winner of 2014 Purina Incredible Dog Diving Dog Western Regionals. In 2017 was Western Regional Champion in both Diving Dog and Fetch-It and took 2nd in Fetch-it at the Purina Incredible dog Challenge National Finals!

See him in action below!
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