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At My Clever Canine we offer a variety of services to meet your needs.  Below is breakdown of our most popular services including prices.  If you don't see what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us as we are happy to work with you on developing a custom training program.  
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There are no quick fixes in dog training. Good training takes trust, time, consistency and repetition. When training cuts corners or the dog is taught exclusively through the use of force the dog never learns how to make the correct choices and the training tends to fall apart quickly. We believe in teaching the dog how to learn and how to make good choices. Eventually, as the dog has a more thorough education and an understanding of the behaviors we believe in the thoughtful and fair use of pressure and, in some cases, correction to finish the picture. 

Board and Train Programs - 

Send your dog to live with two trainers at our 10 acre facility in Vacaville! You're dog will get round the clock care in our home. We offer several different in-board programs to meet you and your dog's individual needs. Our in-board programs are designed for busy professionals that want a well trained dog but may not have the time necessary to invest in the initial or advanced stages of training. Regardless of the program you choose our goal is to help you and your dog become a successful team. 

Our different programs help you to be more or less involved and not all of our programs are appropriate for all dogs and owners. We encourage you to give us a call so that we can find the program that is best suited for you and your dog. 
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Jumpstart Board and train 

Most Suitable For: Dogs and puppies over 6 months old. Social, outgoing dogs that do not require any behavior modification or confidence building and who don't have any serious behavioral issues. 

This program is designed for young dogs whose owners don’t have the time to be involved every week and don’t want to devote as much time to the early training stages. In this program we teach your dog how to learn, our system of communication and then we teach 4 to 5 on leash behaviors. 

 After the completion of this program owners will be able to fit into our group classes to continue their dog’s education or can add additional weeks of training as desired. This program will qualify you for the reduced priced continuation programs. 

This program will include a lesson at pick up and two additional lesson to make sure you are staying on track with your training. 

Some dogs may be on remote collars in this program as is appropriate for the individual dog. 

Cost: $3000
Duration: This program is results based, not time based but the average is about 3-4 weeks

Complete Off-Leash Boarding School Program

Most Suitable For: Owners that don’t mind the upkeep of a trained dog but who don’t have the ability or desire to do the work through the time-consuming education process. Owners that want reliable control and better manners. 

Dogs over 6 months of age, high energy/high drive dogs, nervous dogs, dogs with mild reactivity 

We will accept dogs into this program who display behavior issues such as leash reactivity, mild fear, mild anxiety, overly pushy behavior or mild fear based aggression with no bite history.

This program is designed to take a dog all the way from start to finish and give them a thorough and complete education. 

Our program is broken into four parts:
1) Building trust and focus
2) Teaching the dogs the basics of commands and house manners
3) Generalizing the behaviors to new environments with distraction
4) Proofing stage with remote collar reinforcement.

The tools we use in training will depend on the dog's individual temperament and the wishes of the owner. We typically recommend the use of a remote collar in the final stages of training. This will help to reinforce behaviors and allow for better off leash control. When we use the remote collar we use with low stimulation settings to reinforce known commands. If you wish to have the dog e-collar conditioned you will be required to purchase and e-collar before the dog comes home. 

Generally we have owners visit one week before their dog is scheduled to go home so we can teach you what your dog has learned and determine if your dog is ready to go home. 

This program will include two lessons while the dog is with us, another lesson at pick up, and three additional lessons to use anytime over the next year as needed for maintenance or as a refresher. A total of six lessons are standard but we may add additional lessons while the dog is with us at our discretion.

Cost: $4000
Duration: This program is results based, not time based but typically 6-8 weeks

A La Carte - In-board Training 
Modified In-board and single behavior training

We will occasionally take a dog for a shorter period to work on one specific behavior or to touch up behaviors that have already been trained. This program is also available to our past clients that have participated in either private coaching or one of our in-board programs. Many clients use this program as refresher training while they are away on vacation or during the busy holiday season. 

New clients
Per Day        $150
Per Week  $ 950

Previous Clients 
Call for pricing 

Looking to adopt a new companion?  Trying to locate a particular breed, temperament or type of dog?  Want to buy a puppy from a breeder but need help finding a responsible and reputable breeder?  

Let us help you with the process of brining a new companion into your home.  We have years of experience evaluating shelter dogs and litters of puppies.  We can do the leg work for you!  Give us an idea of what you are looking for and we will scour shelters looking for your perfect match!  If you already have a particular dog you are interested in we can come and evaluate the dog to determine if it is going to be a good match for your family.  

If you are looking to adopt a new puppy from a breeder let us help you locate a breeder that will fit your needs.  

Please contact us for more information and pricing on these services.

Puppy Programs 

There isn't anything much cuter than an 8-week-old puppy, but cute may not be much comfort at 2 a.m. when your newest family member is howling in his crate, and you have to be at work in a few hours. 

Chewed up shoes, soiled carpets and teeth marks on the kids, are frustrating but common issues with new puppies.

Young puppies are a lot of work! They need frequent potty breaks throughout the day and night. They need plenty of playtime and training on basic commands. They need exposure to new people, places, and things. They need to learn how to tolerate handling for grooming and veterinary visits. They need to learn that couches and shoes aren't chew toys. All of these things are very time consuming and non-negotiable if you want to end up with a happy, socialized and well-mannered dog. 

We have the solution for you! Our puppy programs give you and your companion the head start you need for a lasting relationship for years to come.

Our puppy camp program will help catapult you through the toughest parts of introducing a new puppy to your family. 

Puppies (6 months and younger) enrolled in our training camp are placed with our experienced—and incredibly patient—trainers. The puppy will live and sleep in the home of our trainers learning and engaging with them throughout the day. 

During their time with us we will (depending on your program) introduce:

  • How to quickly and reliably return when called even with distractions
  • Learn what are and what are not appropriate chew items.
  • Learn not to bite or nip people
  • How to greet and respect guests and strangers
  • How to relax while in the house
  • How to be obedient and attentive to their owners in a variety of situations
  • Crate training
  • Learn to tolerate and enjoy veterinary handling 
  • Be exposed to new people, places and things
  • Learn basic house manners and boundaries
  • Gain an understanding of commands, such as “sit,” “down,” “come,” "go to bed", and walking on a leash.
  • Learn how to play and actively engage with their owners
  • And much more!

There are always other puppies and adult dogs on site, so your pup will continue to learn bite inhibition and manners from the best of teachers, other dogs! Or goal is always to bring out the best in your individual puppy. What makes us different than many other training programs is that we don't just stop there!The next step is to bring you, the owner, back into the picture for your portion of the program. In dog training there are two sides of the equation and the other side of that equation, is you! 

Having ONLY the puppy trained may be a bit less expensive but in the long run the results won't last. Puppies are not robots or computers, they cannot just be programmed and sent on their way with the expectation that they will always be perfect in their performance. Good training takes input from you. Desirable behavior needs to be reinforced and undesirable behavior needs to have consequences. 

Our goal is to teach you how to more effectively and efficiently communicate your needs and expectations to your puppy. Of course, it will be easier because we have effectively taught your puppy a new "language" while he was in camp with us. Now we teach you that same language. By the time he or she leaves our home for yours, you will have a better understanding of your puppy and a more effective way to communicate with him so that the training we have done will last a lifetime. Our programs are an investment for you and your dog's future
If you are worried about missing the critical bonding period with your pup, don’t be. Throughout your puppy's stay you will be visiting to learn and practice your puppy's new skills. This will give you and your puppy time to form a strong and healthy relationship. Once your puppy goes home she/he will quickly adapt to his/her new life, and you’ll be ready to pick up the training baton, with the foundation already in place.

Puppy Camp
Most Suitable For: 
Puppies 8 weeks to 6 months

Foundations of Learning
2 weeks, 1 private lesson  
Your puppy will learn our basic system of communication setting them up for success in all your future training. In most puppies we can effectively curb biting and nipping. This program may not be suitable for high drive puppies (malinois, working GSD, etc.) 

Just the Basics
4 weeks, 2 private lessons 
Everything from the 2 week program plus a better understanding of all basic commands: sit, down, come when called, go to bed, wait at doorways. Puppies in this program will socialize with other puppies, appropriate adult dogs and farm animals. A great start to your future training goals. 

6 weeks*, 3 private lessons 
Everything from the first four weeks plus and introduction to off-leash learning and better potty training start. Off-site fields trips for socialization as well as practicing commands in a variety of places. Leash manners (walking politely on leash) and boundary manners (not bolting out of doors) are a priority in this program. 

Ready for the World
8 weeks, 4 private lessons  
Everything from the first six weeks plus a greater emphasis of house manners, manners with guests, and more emphasis on off-leash skills. A solid understanding of training commands: sit, down, stay, wait, go to bed, heel, relax, leave-it, come when called (even with distractions). More field trips including field trips to the vet's office and groomer's shop to work on proper etiquette. Most puppies in this program are on a solid potty schedule and can sleep through the night in a crate without accident. This is a great program for nervous and shy puppies, high-drive breeds, and busy professionals who want to ensure that their puppy has a solid foundation of training and socialization. This program will take most puppies through the critical and sensitive periods of brain development (training and experiences during this period will shape who your dog is for the rest of her life). 

The Dream Dog
16 weeks, up to 8 private lessons 
For those busy professionals that want a well trained dog but do not have the time to devote to the critical and early stages of socialization and training. This program is also ideal for people that want to compete in dog sports such as competitive obedience, Schutzhund, or ring sport. Typically puppies in this program start at 8 weeks old and graduate at 6 months old with a strong understanding of all obedience commands, on and off-leash. Most puppies graduating from this program will be ideal Canine good citizens with ability for owners to take their well trained pooch to all dog-friendly places. Spots for this program are extremely limited. For sport dog clients we will discuss what training will be done specific to your chosen sport and discuss your puppy's potential for future success. Schutzhund prospects will be well started in tracking, competitive obedience and grip development. 

(* The majority of puppies in our 6+ week programs go home knowing basic commands and are typically accident-free in their crate. Although every puppy is different and some may not be mature enough at this age to fully master commands, early imprinting will lay the foundation for later obedience training and help the puppy learn very quickly once it is in your care. Our 16 week programs will also introduce more advanced learning and control .)

Behavior Modification Rehab Program
Bringing the joy back to dog ownership

  • Are you afraid to take your dog on a walk because his behavior towards other dogs or people has become so unpredictable? 
  • Does your dog lunge, growl, or bark at strangers? 
  • Do you feel isolated because your dog’s dangerous behavior is preventing you from having guests over? 
  • Are you afraid your dog is going to bite someone? Or has already bitten someone?
  • Do you feel like you are missing out on the joys of dog ownership because of your dog’s aggressive behaviors? 
  • Do you know that your dog has an amazing personality but the rest of the world can’t see it because she is so anxious or fearful? 
  • Are you at your wit's end because your dog is so out of control?
  • Have you tried working with other trainers without much success? 

We can give you relief! Through our proven and unique behavior modification programs, we can help you diminish your dog's fearful, anxious, and aggressive behaviors. Start the road to recovery by contacting us today!

Living with an aggressive, reactive, fearful, or anxious dog can be incredibly stressful. It is not uncommon for friends and family to refuse visits because of your dog's unruly or dangerous behavior. It can feel like you are completely isolated. But you don't have to go at it alone and you no longer have to live in isolation.  

While there are no magic "cures" for serious behavioral issues, there may be potential relief from your current situation.

Whether it be fear, anxiety, or aggression, our goal is to change the way your dog feels about the things that are currently triggering the unwanted behaviors. By carefully controlling your dog's environment during the rehabilitation process, we can help reintroduce these triggers in a less stressful way and help guide your dog into making better choices on their own. Once your dog is on a solid road to recovery, we then focus on teaching you how to better understand and work with your dog's individual temperament. 

We believe that establishing a healthy relationship is the most important component in any training program. We will treat your dog like a member of our family. Your dog will live in our home and be a part of our life. They will not be isolated or confined in kennels. This is what makes our training system so unique and successful.​

Most Suitable For: Dogs displaying serious behavior issues including dog aggression, human aggression, fear based aggression, extreme fear/anxiety, serious leash reactivity and dogs with a biting history.

This training will be based on the dog's individual needs and temperament. 

These dogs will stay with us a minimum of 8 weeks. Obedience may be included in this program but is not always appropriate. Owners will be required to continue their and their dog’s education with us 

Aggression can be very confusing and frightening for owners to manage without the assistance of a professional. At its core, aggression is a form of normal canine communication. Unfortunately, it is not appropriate or safe for dogs to display aggressive behaviors. Left unattended aggressive behaviors will generally increase in severity and can lead to devastating consequences. 

If your dog is showing even the mildest signs of aggression, please call immediately for more information!

Cost: Cost determined on a case per case basis. Please contact for pricing. Programs start at $4500
Duration: As determined on a case by case basis, minimum two month commitment 

Private Lessons 
Coaching for you and your dog

  • Would you like to have a better understanding of how your dog's mind works? 
  • Would you like to understand how your behavior can influence your dog's behavior?
  • Do you want to be involved in the entire training process with your dog? 
  • Would you like to learn how to change your dog's behavior? 
  • Do you have free time and want to discover a new and fun hobby? 
  • Are you already training with your dog and need a little extra assistance? 
Then private lesson coaching may be the solution for you!

Private lessons are a great solution for those interested in learning more about the training process and have the time to devote. 

The goal of this program is for our trainers to teach you how to train your dog. You will be responsible for assigned homework between lessons. We accept private lesson clients on a very limited basis. 
Training your dog takes commitment, time, and energy for the training to be effective.  

The success of this program is entirely dependent on your participation and commitment.*
Our canine coaching starts with a minimum commitment of 8 lessons at our facility. The package will consist of eight lessons. The lessons are designed to teach you and your dog a new style of communication, to teach the skills and behaviors necessary for a happier relationship, and to give you the skills to continue setting your dog up for success. 

*If this sounds like more work or commitment than you are prepared for you may want to consider one of our board and train options.

​Initial Training Assessment and Coaching Session   $250
If you just recently brought a new dog into your home and you're not sure what's next, this is the place to start. During this lesson we will go over basic care, management and training philosophies. If you decide to sign up for one of our board and train programs or private lesson packages, $100 from this assessment will be credited to your program.

Starter Package   $1000
Our starter package consists of 8 private lessons. During these lessons, we will teach you a more effective way to communicate with your dog. We will teach you and your dog to work with each other, rather than against each other. In these lessons we introduce the foundation for loose leash walking, sit, down, stay, go to bed, door manners, and coming when called. During the lesson you will work one on one with one of our trainers. You will be assigned homework and are expected to complete this work between sessions.

​Continuation Lesson  $75
Once you have completed our starter package or your dog has graduated from any one of our in-board programs, you will qualify for significantly reduced rate private lessons. Students and dogs can learn more advanced training or these can be used as a refresher after training has been completed.

Off-site Lessons  $300
Wish you could take your dog with you to a restaurant? Are you having difficulty at the vet's office or at home? Off-site lessons are a great place to proof your training in new environments. Have one of our trainers come to you! Price does not include travel.

Problem Solving Lesson
If you need help with one specific area of your training, whether you are working with another trainer or self-taught, these problem solving lessons can help get you to the next level.

Skype Lesson  $100 
Did you recently bring a new dog into your home and you need some guidance? Do you want to work with one of our trainers but you live too far to drive? Remote video lessons are the solution for you! Through a combination of uploaded video and video messaging we can help make your training goals a reality.

Phone Lesson $75
Need some advice from a professional? Having issues with crate training, potty training, puppy socialization or behavior issues? Our 45-60 minute phone lessons are the solution!