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At My Clever Canine we offer a variety of services to meet your needs.  Below is breakdown of our most popular services including prices.  If you don't see what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us as we are happy to work with you on developing a custom training program.  
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There are no quick fixes in dog training. Good training takes trust, time, consistency and repetition. When training cuts corners or the dog is taught exclusively through the use of force the dog never learns how to make the correct choices and the training tends to fall apart quickly. We believe in teaching the dog how to learn and how to make good choices. Eventually, as the dog has a more thorough education and an understanding of the behaviors we believe in the thoughtful and fair use of pressure and, in some cases, correction to finish the picture. 

Private Lessons - Coaching for you and your dog

Private lessons are a cost effective program for owners who wish to be involved in the entire training process. The goal of this program is for the trainer to train you how to train your dog. You will be responsible for assigned homework between lessons. We accept private lesson clients on a very limited basis.

Training your dog takes a commitment of time and energy for the training to be effective. 

Initial Training and Assessment w/o Package                                                         $125

Lesson will be conducted at our 10 acre facility. On occasion we can arrange to do lessons off-site in your home or at public locations (popular choices include veterinarian's office, local parks or baseball fields).  We will design the lesson to address your individual needs.  We will introduce you to our system of communication including our marker system so you can clearly communicate with your dog. 

Our canine coaching starts with a minimum commitment of 7 lessons at our facility. The package will consist of 7 twenty-five to forty-five minute lessons. The lessons are designed to teach you and your dog a new style of communication to help build a better relationship. 

Private Lesson - Starter Package                                                                                $700

After this initial package is completed lessons can be added on an as needed basis. These lessons will be conducted at our residence. Off-site lessons can also be added as our scheduling allows. More advanced students will work with increasing levels of distractions and be given more challenging training tasks.

Individual Lessons                                                                                                        $65
​(must have completed our starter Package)

Off-site Lessons
(must have completed our starter package)                                                                  $125

Individual Lessons                                                                                                        $150
(without completing our starter package)

Behavior Consultation - Aggression or Other                                                            $150

Board and Train Programs - 

Send your dog to live with two trainers at our 10 acre facility in Vacaville! You're dog will get round the clock care in our home. We offer several different in-board programs to meet you and your dog's individual needs. Our in-board programs are designed for busy professionals that want a well trained dog but may not have the time necessary to invest in the initial or advanced stages of training. Regardless of the program you choose our goal is to help you and your dog become a successful team. 

Our different programs help you to be more or less involved and not all of our programs are appropriate for all dogs and owners. We encourage you to give us a call so that we can find the program that is best suited for you and your dog. 
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Weekday Campers Program

Most Suitable For: Puppies 12 weeks - 8 months, older dog with some previous training, rescue/shelter dogs with no behavioral issues

This program designed to give owners the head start they need to be successful in their training goals. This is a great program for busy professionals that want to be involved in all stages of their dog or puppy’s training but may not have the time to ensure consistency during the hectic work week. Most owners typically continue this program for 5-10 weeks depending on their individual dog and the training levels they desire.

After the initial two consecutive weeks participation in this program can be scheduled on weekly, bi-weekly, or a monthly basis. 

Relationships can be damaged when owners are frustrated from a long day at work and unintentionally take that out on their dog. We make sure your dog gets the work and consistency he needs during the week and you continue the lessons through the weekend. 

You will be involved in all stages of learning and will be able to understand the process and hard work that goes into making your dog a reliable and joyful companion. 

Dogs are dropped of Tuesday mornings between 8am and 10am and are picked up with a short lesson on Friday evening or Saturday morning. As time allows, we will make short videos of one or two of your dog’s training sessions during the week for you to reference over the weekend. When you pick your dog up we will do a short lesson to familiarize you with the training your dog has received and teach you your homework for the weekend. 

Week 1-6   $450 per week 
(with a minimum commitment of two consecutive weeks)
Week 7-10 $400 per week
Week 11+  $350 per week
Duration: Tuesday-Friday/Saturday 

Jumpstart Board and train 

Most Suitable For: Dogs and puppies over 6 months old. Social, outgoing dogs that do not require any behavior modification or confidence building and who don't have any serious behavioral issues. 

This program is designed for young dogs whose owners don’t have the time to be involved every week and don’t want to devote as much time to the early training stages. In this program we teach your dog how to learn, our system of communication and then we teach 4 to 5 on leash behaviors. 

 After the completion of this program owners will be able to fit into our group classes to continue their dog’s education or can add additional weeks of training as desired. This program will qualify you for the reduced priced continuation programs. 

This program will include a lesson at pick up and two additional lesson to make sure you are staying on track with your training. 

Some dogs may be on remote collars in this program as is appropriate for the individual dog. 

Cost: $2500
Duration: This program is results based, not time based but the average is about 4 weeks

Complete Boarding School Program

Most Suitable For: Owners that don’t mind the upkeep of a trained dog but who don’t have the ability or desire to do the work through the time-consuming education process. Owners that want reliable control and better manners. 

Dogs over 6 months of age, high energy/high drive dogs, nervous dogs, dogs with mild reactivity 

We will accept dogs into this program who display behavior issues such as leash reactivity, mild fear, mild anxiety, overly pushy behavior or mild fear based aggression with no bite history.

This program is designed to take a dog all the way from start to finish and give them a thorough and complete education. 

Our program is broken into four parts:
1) Building trust and focus
2) Teaching the dogs the basics of commands and house manners
3) Generalizing the behaviors to new environments with distraction
4) Proofing stage with remote collar reinforcement.

The tools we use in training will depend on the dog's individual temperament and the wishes of the owner. We typically recommend the use of a remote collar in the final stages of training. This will help to reinforce behaviors and allow for better off leash control. When we use the remote collar we use with low stimulation settings to reinforce known commands. If you wish to have the dog e-collar conditioned you will be required to purchase and e-collar before the dog comes home. 

Generally we have owners visit one week before their dog is scheduled to go home so we can teach you what your dog has learned and determine if your dog is ready to go home. 

This program will include two lessons while the dog is with us, another lesson at pick up, and three additional lessons to use anytime over the next year as needed for maintenance or as a refresher. A total of six lessons are standard but we may add additional lessons while the dog is with us at our discretion.

Cost: $3850
Duration: This program is results based, not time based but typically 7-8 weeks

Behavior Modification Rehab Program

Most Suitable For: Dogs displaying serious behavior issues including dog aggression, human aggression, fear based aggression, extreme fear/anxiety, serious leash reactivity and dogs with a biting history.

This training will be based on the dog's individual needs and temperament. This is for dogs that are displaying serious behavior issues that are a detriment or danger to their own lives, their owners, or the public. This program is designed for dogs with more severe anxiety or fear or aggression towards humans or other dogs (including dogs with a bite history). 

These dogs will stay with us generally a minimum of 8 weeks. Obedience may be included in this program but is not always appropriate. Owners will be required to continue their and their dog’s education with us 

Having a dog that is displaying aggressive behaviors can be very stressful. This program is the most appropriate program to mitigate and control aggressive behaviors in dogs. 

Aggression can be very confusing and frightening for owners to manage without the assistance of a professional. At its core, aggression is a form of normal canine communication. Unfortunately, it is not appropriate or safe for dogs to display aggressive behaviors. Left unattended aggressive behaviors will generally increase in severity and can lead to devastating consequences. 

If your dog is showing even the mildest signs of aggression, please call immediately for more information!

Cost: Cost determined on a case per case basis. Please contact for pricing. Programs start at $4000
Duration: As determined on a case by case basis

A La Carte - In-board Training 
Modified In-board and single behavior training

We will occasionally take a dog for a shorter period to work on one specific behavior or to touch up behaviors that have already been trained. This program is also available to our past clients that have participated in either private coaching or one of our in-board programs. Many clients use this program as refresher training while they are away on vacation or during the busy holiday season. 

Previous Clients
Per Day       $100
Per Week    $600

New clients
Per Day        $150
Per Week     $800

Looking to adopt a new companion?  Trying to locate a particular breed, temperament or type of dog?  Want to buy a puppy from a breeder but need help finding a responsible and reputable breeder?  

Let us help you with the process of brining a new companion into your home.  We have years of experience evaluating shelter dogs and litters of puppies.  We can do the leg work for you!  Give us an idea of what you are looking for and we will scour shelters looking for your perfect match!  If you already have a particular dog you are interested in we can come and evaluate the dog to determine if it is going to be a good match for your family.  

If you are looking to adopt a new puppy from a breeder let us help you locate a breeder that will fit your needs.  

Please contact us for more information and pricing on these services.

Boarding Only 

We only accept boarding clients who have previously trained with us and only on a very limited basis. Dogs that have completed any of our in-board programs or private coaching are eligible for boarding as space allows.  

We can accept difficult dogs, including dogs that do not get along with other dogs or dogs that are easily stressed in new environments.